June 15, 2024
cost of living in Luton

Discover the cost of living in Luton with our comprehensive guide. From dining out to housing and transportation, get insights into average expenses to help you plan your budget effectively. Explore a breakdown of costs and ranges in this essential resource.

Luton is a nice town in Bedfordshire. It has a mix of old history and modern living. If you’re thinking about living there or just want to know how much things cost, it’s important to understand the cost of living. This guide helps you know how much money you might need for different things.

CategoryAverage Monthly CostRange of Costs
Dining Out£24.75£13.00 – £100.00
Groceries£30.65£18.04 – £36.12
– Local Transport£3.00£2.50 – £4.00
– Monthly Pass£75.00£50.00 – £100.00
– 1-BR City Center£858.33£800.00 – £925.00
– 1-BR Outside Center£825.83£750.00 – £900.00
– Basic Utilities£301.25£100.00 – £600.00
– Mobile Phone Plan£14.75£11.00 – £23.00
– Internet£35.00£25.00 – £45.00
Leisure and Entertainment
– Fitness Club£25.00£20.00 – £30.00
– Tennis Court Rent£8.20£4.60 – £10.00
– Cinema£12.00£11.00 – £13.00
Childcare and Education
– Preschool£1,494.44£1,000.00 – £2,083.33
– Primary School£18,666.67£3,000.00 – £35,000.00
Clothing and Shoes
– Jeans£71.67£50.00 – £80.00
– Summer Dress£38.33£30.00 – £50.00
– Running Shoes£66.25£35.00 – £75.00

Dining Out and Groceries

In Luton, you can eat at restaurants for different prices. A cheap meal might be around £7, while a special dinner for two could be around £50. If you want fast food like McDonald’s, it might be around £6.

When you go to buy food from stores, a liter of milk costs about £1.04. A loaf of bread could be from £0.50 to £1.50. A dozen eggs might be around £2.78. Things like rice, cheese, chicken, and beef can also have different prices.

Transportation Cost of living in Luton

Luton has buses and trains to help you get around. A bus ride might cost around £3. If you travel a lot, a monthly pass could be between £50 and £100. Taxis are also available. Starting a taxi ride could be around £3.20, and for each kilometer, it might be around £1.12 to £1.25.

If you have a car, the fuel, called gasoline, costs about £1.52 for each liter. If you want to buy a new car, it could start at £20,000 for some cars.

Housing Cost of Living in Luton

Where you live can change how much you pay for housing. If you want a one-bedroom apartment in the city center, it could be around £858.33 each month. If you live outside the center, it might be between £750 and £900. Bigger apartments with three bedrooms can cost more, like around £1,200 to £1,500 in the center and £1,400 to £1,600 outside.

Utilities and Communication

Paying for things like electricity, water, and heating might be between £100 and £600 for a month in a big apartment. Having a mobile phone plan with calls and internet might be around £14.75 each month. For good internet at home, it could be from £25 to £45 each month.

Leisure and Entertainment

Having fun is important too! Going to a gym might cost around £25 per month. Renting a tennis court for an hour on the weekend could be around £8.20. Watching a movie in a cinema might cost around £12.

Childcare and Education

If you have kids, things like preschool or kindergarten might cost around £1,494.44 each month. Going to a good school could be between £3,000 and £35,000 each year.

Income and Financial Outlook

On average, after taxes, people might get around £1,988.50 each month. This helps pay for things, save money, and do fun things.


Knowing the cost of living in Luton helps you plan how to spend your money. This guide gives you an idea of how much things usually cost. Keep in mind that prices can change, but with this information, you can make smart choices about your money when you’re in Luton.

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